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Our #ALNTribe members are the absolute best at promoting our coaching programs. We want to reward that!

Everybody Wins

The referral program gives a reward not only to members who bring us new members but also to the new members themselves.

Rewards for Existing Members
Current members of our 1:1 Nutrition Coaching and Accountability Coaching programs receive 25% off their next 1 month of their normal coaching cost for each new member that signs up with 1:1 Coaching.
For example,

# of referred new members in a month Discount 1:1 Nutrition Coaching
(next 1 month)
Accountability Coaching
(next 1 month)
1 25% €81,75 €51,75
2 50% €54,50 €34,50
3 75% €27,25 €17,25
4+ 100% €0 €0

Members can continue to refer new members each month and get these discounts for a maximum of 100% off next month’s membership fee.

Rewards for New Members
New members who join via a referral also receive 25% off their first month of their normal 1:1 Nutrition Coaching fee.

How it Works

Referring customers and getting your rewards is simple:

1. Tell your friends, colleagues, book club members, dance instructor — anybody who you think can benefit from our coaching — about us and encourage them to purchase 1:1 Nutrition Coaching here on our website.

2. After purchasing coaching they’ll receive their coaching questionnaire.  Make sure they answer “Bestehendes AngeLove-Nutrition Mitglied” to the question “Wie hast du zum ersten Mal von AngeLove Nutrition erfahren?” and then provide your name.

We’ll take it from there and apply the right discounts to both of your memberships.

And a huge THANK YOU for helping grow our family!