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Transform your life with our customized program of wholesome nutrition and sustainable habits.
Our engaged coaches and caring community keep you on track for consistent progress, no matter your personal challenges or goals.

Our Latest Successes

Every one of our members is unique, with their own daily schedule, body type, fitness level, and goals. Through their dedication and hard work they continue to reach new milestones in their transformation. Here are just a few of their stories.

“I can rejoice over invitations to eat, because I’m flexible with my diet every single day and do not have to stick to a strictly prescribed plan. I’m eating without a guilty conscience, without cheat days (which degenerate into cheat weeks) or uncontrolled over-eating. For me that means: finally living! “ Britta

31, Event Manger

“Before, I would never have thought of participating in such a program. But then at some point it was time to change how I was eating. Here you really get everything you need to not only celebrate success in the short term, but to achieve a permanent change of mindset.”


33, Medical Doctor

“At the beginning of the year, I was not so happy with my body, and I missed the right level of sport to get ahead. Thanks to Aleks and her program, I learned a lot about mindset, discipline, balance and belief in progress. This is an experience I wouldn’t want to miss. 1000x thanks for your help! “


35, Logistics manager

How Does Online Coaching Work?

We’ve taken the benefits of having your own coach — personalized structure, support and accountability — and combined them with the power and flexibility of a completely online experience.

Your phone, tablet or PC is your connection to our custom-built platform that brings together real people, evidence-based nutritional information and personalized data reporting:


Get matched with your coach and get started

Our detailed questionnaire identifies your goals, current health and lifestyle and allows us to present a nutrition plan optimized for you


Stay on track with weekly coach check-ins

How was your week? Complete the survey and upload your MyFitnessPal data. We’ll send you specific feedback and make any necessary adjustments to your routine.


Support from your coach, anytime

Need help? No appointment needed, just message your coach. You’ll get a response within 24 hours.


A library of knowledge, anywhere

Access our growing resource library filled with recipes, tips, cheat sheets, monthly themes.


Automatic progress tracking and visualization

Appreciate how far you’ve come and get motivated to go farther.

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What’s included in your membership:

Real Human Support

  • Your own dedicated coach reachable anytime
  • Weekly personal check-ins
  • Private Facebook Group

Effective Tools

  • Fully integrated mobile-friendly coaching platform
  • MyFitnessPal Integration
  • Built-in Messaging System
  • Progress Tracking

Actionable Knowledge

  • Your personalized nutrition program
  • Flexible Dieting guide
  • Helpful cheat sheets
  • Monthly themes and challenges

Your personal nutrition coach for 3,65€/day