About Us

The Challenge As We See It

We all know there’s so much information about how to get and stay healthy. It usually involves telling us what we should and shouldn’t eat, and too often it dictates some kind of peculiar eating pattern.

And we don’t magically transform just by knowing what’s good for us. We still need to do the hard work each day, and keep doing it over a period of time. We need good, repeatable practices that turn into natural habits – ones that keep us on the path of steady progress.

And even then, with knowledge and good habits, we can still slip back into our old selves.  We can lose sight of our goals, feel discouraged by not seeing payoff for our hard work, or let ourselves cheat a little too often and so just give up.  Having a partner to give us a boost when we need it and to keep us accountable and on track can make all the difference.

Our Mission and Goals

In a nutshell, our mission is to create happier people who love their bodies and have a wholesome relationship with food.

We aim to show people a way through the food jungle, to cut through the nutritional myths and personal anxiety to bring people to “food freedom”.

We strive to empower individuals with the critical thinking needed to eat well in all situations.

We nurture people to adopt a mindset and habits that ensure results that last a lifetime.

Our Approach

We’re promoting a simple, healthy lifestyle through original content that we post online, all absolutely free. We frequently create and publish practical how-to guides, actionable infographics, simple but tasty recipes, encouraging stories and more. Check out our articles section and resources area, stay on top of the latest with our newsletter, and follow us on Instagram.

But we’re most effective at transforming lives through our 1-on-1 online nutrition coaching program. We’ve developed a holistic program that gives people access to a nutrition roadmap that’s tailored to their own individual lifestyle and goals, plus their own coach that supports them and keeps them on track.  We’ve built our own platform to make this program run effectively online, so it can fit everyone’s unique schedule no matter where they are.


Meet the Team

Founder, Coach





Founder and Coach

Our founder tells how AngeLove Nutrition was born:

Nutrition has always impressed me, I’ve tried a lot, had disturbed eating habits, made many mistakes and had my own transformation.

AngeLove Nutrition was born in 2014 after I had a transformative experience – I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and soon afterwards my surgery followed. After the surgery I had gained a few pounds and I felt uncomfortable. During my first nutrition coaching training I discovered that Flexible Dieting not only changed my body but also my mindset and how I see food.

After that I knew that I had to make my dreams come true. My husband encouraged me to bring this to others and that’s how I started coaching – since then AngeLove Nutrition has changed enormously and has had its own transformation. We change lives every day.